A Tablet for Healthy Ageing

the Objective was to test the efficacy of a tablet computer training intervention to improve cognitive abilities of older adults. Design was Prospective randomized controlled trial. Setting was Community-based aging intervention study, Edinburgh, UK. Participants comprised Forty-eight healthy older adults aged 65 to 76 years were recruited at baseline with no or minimal tablet experience; 43 completed follow-up testing. Twenty-two participants attended a weekly 2-hour class for 10 weeks during which they learned how to use a tablet and various applications on it.
Measurements were A #battery of cognitive tests from the WAIS-IV measuring the domains of Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Processing, Working #Memory, and #Processing #Speed, as well as health, psychological, and #well-being measures. A 2 × ۲ mixed model ANOVA suggested that the tablet intervention group (N = 22) showed greater improvements in Processing Speed (η۲ = ۰.۱۰) compared with controls (N = 21), but did not differ in Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Processing, or Working Memory (η۲ ranged from −۰.۰۳ to 0.04). Engagement in a new mentally challenging activity (tablet training) was associated with improved processing speed. Acquiring skills in later life, including those related to adopting new #technologies, may therefore have the potential to reduce or delay cognitive changes associated with ageing. It is important to understand how the development of these skills might further facilitate everyday activities, and also improve older adults’ #quality of life).


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روند بازار

پایگاه خبری روند بازار با هدف اطلاع رسانی اخبار و رویدادهای ایران و جهان پس از کسب مجوز از وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی در خردادماه سال ۱۳۹۷ فعالیت خود را آغاز کرد. بررسی روندهای اقتصادی، اجتماعی، فرهنگی، ورزشی و سیاسی از اهداف راه اندازی پایگاه خبری روند بازار است.

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