میانگین قیمت هر متر مربع خانه در تهران


متوسط قیمت فروش هر متر مربع زیربنای مسکونی در شهر تهران حدود ۱۹ میلیون تومان با میانگین مساحت ۸۹ مترمربع و متوسط عمر بنای ۱۲ سال بوده که نسبت به فصل قبل ۲۲.۸ درصد افزایش داشته است. روند بازار – به گزارش خبرگزاری مهر به نقل از مرکز آمار ایران، متوسط قیمت فروش هر مترمربع زمین یا زمین ساختمان مسکونی کلنگی معامله شده ...

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نرخ رسمی یورو و پوند افزایش یافت

ارز- دلار- روند بازار

بانک مرکزی نرخ رسمی ۴۷ ارز را برای امروز اعلام کرد که بر اساس آن نرخ ۱۹ ارز افزایش، ۲۰ واحد پولی کاهش و دلار و ۷ ارز دیگر نیز ثابت اعلام شد. به گزارش پایگاه خبری روند بازار به نقل از  خبرگزاری مهر، براساس اعلام بانک مرکزی هر دلار آمریکا برای امروز (سه‌شنبه هفتم مرداد ماه ۹۹) بدون تغییر نسبت به روز گذشته، ...

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قیمت هر شانه تخم‌مرغ کمتر از ۲۰ هزار تومان است

شانه تخم مرغ

ستاد تنظیم بازار قیمت هر شانه تخم مرغ را کمتر از ۲۰ هزار تومان اعلام و تاکید کرد: شبکه‌های توزیع مکلف به رعایت قیمت مصوب ۱۱ هزار تومان در مبادی عرضه هستند. به گزارش روند بازار به نقل از خبرگزاری مهر ستاد تنظیم بازار با صدور اطلاعیه‌ای در خصوص قیمت تخم مرغ و مجموعه اقدامات صورت گرفته برای تنظیم بازار این کالا ...

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Leader’s opinion to be asked over 3rd phase of cuts to JCPOA commitments

The JCPOA supervisory council is investigating reduction of Iran’s commitments to the nuclear deal and opinion of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the issue will be asked,” head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Akbar Salehi said on Tuesday. Addressing JCPOA status quo, Salehi said that “if we divide the nuclear deal into three technical, ...

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NPC to launch three petchem projects by yearend

The National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran will launch three new petrochemical projects by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2020), a senior official said. The CEO of the Iranian Investment Petrochemical Group Company (PETROL) said three projects, namely Lordegan, Ilam and potassium sulfate unit of Urmia petrochemical plant will come on stream by the end of the ...

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Rouhani says US pressure on Iran ‘crime against humanity’

حسن روحانی

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that US sanctions on Iran is affecting civilians in the country and is a crime against humanity. “The pressure imposed by enemies on our country is put on all people even children and the ill. This US measure is a crime against humanity. We should resist and so far we have shown good resistance,” ...

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US has to lift all sanctions if it’s genuine about talks: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Aug. 06 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said if the US is genuine about holding talks with Iran, it needs to remove all sanctions against the country before anything else. President Rouhani made the remark at the Foreign Ministry building on Tuesday. He was visiting Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a few days after the administration of US ...

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NIOC signs research deals with knowledge-based firms

The Exploration Department of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has signed four research contracts with universities and knowledge-based firms. The deals, signed at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi, on Sunday, concerned studies in the fields of geophysics, geochemistry, unconventional hydrocarbon resources and drilling fluids: ۱. The Project of Quantitative Seismic Cube Interpretation (QI) in ...

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IRGC Navy seizes fuel smuggling foreign tanker near Farsi Island

Naval unit of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) seized a foreign tanker smuggling 700,000 liters of fuel, in an area near Farsi Island- a tiny, barren Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. In a statement released on Sunday, IRGC announced that it has detained a foreign ship carrying 700,000 liters of smuggled fuel in the PG after being assured ...

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