Beneficial effects of dietary restriction in aging brain

#Aging is a multifactorial complex process that leads to the deterioration of biological functions wherein its underlying mechanism is not fully elucidated. It affects the organism at the molecular and cellular level that contributes to the deterioration of structural integrity of the organs. The #central #nervous system is the most vulnerable organ affected by aging and its effect is highly #heterogeneous. Aging causes alteration in the #structure, #metabolism and physiology of the brain leading to impaired #cognitive and motor-neural functions. #Dietary #restriction (DR), a robust mechanism that extends #lifespan in various organisms, ameliorates brain aging by reducing #oxidative #stress, improving #mitochondrial #function, activating #anti-inflammatory responses, promoting #neurogenesis and increasing #synaptic #plasticity. It also protects and prevents age-related structural changes. DR alleviates many age-associated diseases including #neurodegeneration and improves cognitive functions. DR #inhibits/activates nutrient signaling cascades such as #insulin/IGF-1, #mTOR, #AMPK and #sirtuins. Because of its sensitivity to #energy status and #hormones, AMPK is considered as the global nutrient sensor. This review will present an elucidative potential role of dietary restriction in the prevention of phenotypic features during aging in brain and its diverse mechanisms.

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